Sunday, 1 March 2015

First fb post (04/12/2014)

The first official info about my trip from the 4th of December 2014:

Let's make it official!
It has been on my mind for a pretty long time. Since my first motorbike trip around Chiang Mai (mid-April). What am I talking about? Trans-Asian motorbike journey! From south-east Asia to Europe, 12 000km+!
At the beginning I wasn't sure. Maybe it's not that great after few more kilometres... Then I rented small bikes many times in many places around Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor) and I loved it even more! So I started to think seriously how can I do it. I didn't even have driving licence. After many hours of digging in the Internet, after a few tries to get licence in Indonesia with help and suggestions from all my Indonesian friends (thank you!) I have finally found a ( that time maybe) possible way to get it. So I came to Thailand. And there it is! Got the driving licence! Without International Driving Permit, but better than nothing! :)
I'm gonna start in Thailand and go across Burma, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and further to Poland. Maybe with some stops in Nepal and Armenia. I want to start around February 2015.
There still are some things which can make it impossible but I'm going to Bangkok to the embassies on Monday to find out if I can cross all the boarders.
After that I need to buy a motorbike. First idea was to drive a small 125cc Honda Wave. Now I'm thinking about something bigger like Honda CRF250L but... money. It's much more expensive and consumes almost twice as much fuel. I have to calculate it. By the way if some of you have a company or any idea of getting some sponsors please let me know ;) I can name my trip and put logos, stuff, whatever on my bike and blog which I want to write during my trip.
For now just please, keep your fingers crossed for the all the legal stuff at the embassies!
Love you all!
— :D feeling excited in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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