Monday, 8 June 2015

Annapurna Range, Himalaya, Nepal

EN| I came back down to Pokhara two days ago. It was a great time up there in the Himalaya Mountains! Here is a small sample of this experience :)
Time to visit rhinos in the south!  :)

PL| Dwa dni temu wróciłem na dół do Pokhary. Czas spędzony w Himalajach był cudowny! Poniżej mała próbka z tego doświadczenia :)
Pora odwiedzić nosorożce na południu!

Hairy cow ;)

Annapurna II

Follow the Polish flag!


Mr Yak! :D

Selfie with Mr Snowman

Advertising ;)

At 5434masl + 1m ;)

Protected flora in the national park??

Annapurna (8091masl) the 10th highest peak in the world!

With my magic cane ;)

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