Tuesday, 11 June 2019

June 11, 2019 at 12:37PM

First day of riding started with quite a load of adventures! 😂 I started late after many coffees with my friends in Štip. Weather was perfect. The plan was to go to Bitola, southern part of North Macedonia. The normal road goes around. So of course I've decided to try some shortcuts! Beginning of my shortcut was a good gravel road, so I thought it's was gonna be all like that. But at some point gravel ended. Rocks and mud appeared instead. But it is was still doable on my fully loaded CRF. Slowly. There was one beautiful long time abandoned village in the middle of all these hills. All houses made of stones. You're wondering why there's is no photo of it here... Well, yeah, that's the second part of the story. After another few kilometers of off-road and shepherd's villages only crowded with dogs 🐕 I'm on a nice gravel road again. Lots of turtles 🐢 crossing the road. I knew there is some military base around there. But no signs or anything telling it's forbidden to ride there. Some old buildings. Looks like the base is not in use anymore. Until I arrive to the main road searching for a bridge to cross the river. And there by the river I spot first military vehicles. And soldiers. I see US army uniforms and humvees. And lots of armoured vehicles in different colors. But it's to late to go back. So I'm searching for the bridge. And then I get to the main entrance gate. Patrol by the gate seems to be little surprised by my visit. They tell me it's a training zone where some big NATO training is just taking place atm. But they are nice Macedonian soldiers, they offer me coffee and a cigarette. They ask me for passport and tell me to sit and wait. They say: "it's a problem my friend, not a big problem, don't worry, but we need to follow procedures". I only understand them talking about buying beers for the evening. I sit and wait, don't know what for. After 2h there is already 10 soldiers around me. And finally the military police arrives. One guy without uniform. He's going to interrogate me. Thunders around. ° TBC ° #firstDay #adventure #militaryZone #soldiers #dontFuckWithArmy #motoTrip #crf #offRoad #shortcut #NorthMacedonia #interrogation

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