Tuesday, 11 June 2019

June 11, 2019 at 12:42PM

... Thunders around. It starts to rain. Finally we sit in the tiny office, facility remembers Tito's times. After many, many questions about me and my current and previous visits in Macedonia. After going through my luggage, checking my phone and my papers. They finally tell me I'm free to go. I just need to delete all the photos I took since be beginning of my "shortcut" ride. Even though there were only photos of turtles and one gigantic beetle I've seen on the way. Not all these photos were even taken in the military zone. I have a feeling that he wanted to show off. Show that he has power to make me delete these photos. But it's hard to argue when you have 10 solders above your head.. Finally I'm on my way again. Its dark, but at least no more rain. I arrive to Bitola at midnight. Not bad for a first day of the trip! 😂 😂 ° #firstDay #adventure #militaryZone #soldiers #dontFuckWithArmy #motoTrip #crf #offRoad #shortcut #NorthMacedonia #interrogation

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