About the project

— from Thailand to Poland on 2 wheels
— motocyklem z Tajlandii do Polski
— เดินทางโดยมอเตอร์ไซต์จากประเทศไทยไปโปแลนด์

The idea of riding a motorcycle from Asia to Europe came to me a long time ago, during my first motorbike trip around Chiang Mai, Thailand (mid-April 2014). I rented a bike and went for a week-long trip. I loved it! Never had I been a motorcycle enthusiast, but here in Asia it felt like the right way to travel. You are free to go anywhere you choose, and stop as many times as you want. Close to people. No barriers. No hurry.

I wasn't sure if 13 000 km was such a good idea. Maybe, it'd turn out to be not so great after a few days... I kept renting motorcycles many times, in several places around Asia — Malaysia, Indonesia, East Timor — and loved it even more! So, I seriously started considering doing it for real. I didn't even have a driving licence.
After long hours of digging the Internet and a few more trying to get a license in Indonesia with the help from all my Indonesian friends (thank you, guys!), I finally figured out a way to do it, so it seamed at the time. I came to Thailand, got some paperwork done (thanks to my Thai friends!), passed the exams and got the driving licence! Not an International Driving Permit, but better than nothing! :)

From that moment on, I've been preparing everything: buying a motorcycle, accessories and winter clothes; registering the bike, visiting Embassies, etc.

My initial idea was to travel via Myanmar, but after visiting the Embassy and making a few calls, I found out that passing through Burma on one's own vehicle is quite expensive and not so easy to organize. The Burmese government requires special permits and a personal guide to assist you at all times.

So, I decided to look for another way. The only other route available crosses the Himalayas! It goes Thailand, Laos, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and further on to Europe.
This makes my trip a lot harder and challenging because of the higher roads on the top of the world. More than 5000 m.a.s.l.
But I'm still gonna do it!!! :D


  1. I've got here from soushibos vlog.

    Interesting to know as many details of your travel as possible.

    Enjoy your trip across Asia and keep your fans up to date.

    1. Cheers mate!
      Now I'm on technical break, organising aie freight of my bike from Bangkok to Nepal because apparently China is impassable. But I should be back on track in 2 weeks! Can't wait to be in Nepal! :)